About the founder

•        19 years of experience in antennas, RF products, and propagation.
•        15 years of experience in wireless product development and manufacturing.
•        Ph.D. Electrical engineering (Virginia Tech).
•        Has been inducted in NASA's Space Technology Hall of Fame.
•        23 patents with several others pending.
•        IEEE senior member since 2003.
•        Successful track record of hardware and software development.
•        Extensive experience in high-volume manufacturing.


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(Invited talk)

Motorola Publications

•        "A Low-Cost Fading and Simulcast System Using Digital Filters," A. Chatzipetros and D. Cibula,
Motorola Technical Developments, Volume 39, p.129, September 1999.
•        "A Low-Harmonic High-Stability Radio Frequency Oscillator," A. Nguyen, A. A. Chatzipetros, H.
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•        "Quick-Connect Adapter for Handset Conductive Measurements," G. Adair, A. A. Chatzipetros,
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•        "Antenna Diversity Schemes for Handhelds," A. A. Chatzipetros, Motorola Internal Technical
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(former last name: Chatzipetros)